Hygiene and Care

Brushing and flossing your teeth properly is essential with or without braces. With braces, caring for your teeth by thoroughly cleaning them becomes so much more important so as to prevent gingivitis, bleeding or swollen gums, cavities and decalcifications (white spots) from forming by the time brace are removed. A soft-bristled tooth brush and 3 full minutes per comprehensive brushing is what is necessary after every meal or snack.
DecalcificationAfter appliances are placed we will go over home care and brushing in detail to be certain that patients and parents are equipped to care for their mouths properly during the course of treatment.

This is what decalcification looks like. Straight teeth never looked so bad. Don’t let this happen to you!

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  • "Dr. Luk was very kind. My teeth were absolutely horrible and I'm very happy to have seen results extremely fast. “

  • " A lot of my friends complained about getting braces which made me somewhat hesitant to get them. But after going to Dr. Luk, I completely disagree with them! “

  • " Nunca pensé que mis dientes llegarían a estar perfectos. Cuando empece el tratamiento con Dr. Luru, mis dientes estaban muy descolocados. .
    Aunque mi ingles no es bueno, Dr. Luru habla muy bien Castellano “