Early Treatment

Cross-bites are a common reason to initiate early or interceptive orthodontic care, and an uncorrected cross-bite can cause abnormal wear of the teeth and can contribute to asymmetrical facial growth.

Habits such as finger sucking and tongue thrusting also call for early intervention as they can adversely affect the position of teeth and even the shape of the jaw.

Space maintaining or regaining: Baby teeth act as space holders for adult teeth. When baby teeth are lost prematurely, adjacent teeth will shift and may block the permanent teeth from reaching their proper position. We can prevent this or even regain the space that was lost with early treatment.

Growth modification (Dentofacial Orthopedics): The development of the jaws vary depending on genetic and environmental factors. Sometimes too much, and other times, not enough jaw growth occurs. We can recognize this early and affect this development to a certain extent with special appliances.


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  • "Dr. Luk was very kind. My teeth were absolutely horrible and I'm very happy to have seen results extremely fast. “

  • " A lot of my friends complained about getting braces which made me somewhat hesitant to get them. But after going to Dr. Luk, I completely disagree with them! “

  • " Nunca pensé que mis dientes llegarían a estar perfectos. Cuando empece el tratamiento con Dr. Luru, mis dientes estaban muy descolocados. .
    Aunque mi ingles no es bueno, Dr. Luru habla muy bien Castellano “