Adult Treatment

More than one million adults in the United States are currently in braces, according to the association, and adults now account for one of every five orthodontic patients.

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age, and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile. Many adults look in the mirror and wish they had their teeth straightened or bite fixed when they were younger. With modern orthodontics and different kinds of appliance systems, we are now able customize your care to your specific goals and lifestyle with greater comfort and esthetics than ever before!

We can straighten teeth, correct irregular bites, bring teeth and lips into proper alignment, and close gaps between teeth. When your teeth are straight and aligned properly, they can be cleaned more thoroughly and chewing is easier. And you feel great about the way you look!

As safe and successful as adult orthodontic treatment is, there are special considerations that must be made. Adults are more likely to have gum disease and other issues that may require attention during treatment. Preparation for orthodontic treatment also improves overall dental health by targeting problem areas. The overall result is straighter, more functional teeth and a new sense of self-confidence about your smile.

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  • "Dr. Luk was very kind. My teeth were absolutely horrible and I'm very happy to have seen results extremely fast. “

  • " A lot of my friends complained about getting braces which made me somewhat hesitant to get them. But after going to Dr. Luk, I completely disagree with them! “

  • " Nunca pensé que mis dientes llegarían a estar perfectos. Cuando empece el tratamiento con Dr. Luru, mis dientes estaban muy descolocados. .
    Aunque mi ingles no es bueno, Dr. Luru habla muy bien Castellano “